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I believe each person is unique and has within him or herself the ability to learn new techniques and skills, to heal from trauma and losses, to cope with what feels like the unbearable. There is HOPE in all aspects of life, loss, grief, and crisis. Each person has the ability to access their inner strength and courage in order to grow, learn, transition, adjust, and heal from whatever event has occurred in their past, or from what they are currently facing in their present. I am a compassionate and caring clinician who can, based on my clinical expertise, and my personally acquired wisdom, help you through your journey and healing process. I am nonjudgmental and open minded. LGBTQ/Sex Positive Friendly.


Areas of Expertise and Professional Interest


  • Depression, Anxiety, Panic, OCD, Bi-Polar Spectrum

  • Trauma, Abuse, PTSD, Chronic Stress Disorder

  • Infertility, High Tech Treatments, Alternative Routes to Conception, Adoption

  • High Risk Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Pregnancy Loss

  • Parenting, Single Parenting by Choice

  • Postpartum Adjustment and Mood Disorders

  • Preparing for Marriage/Long Term Commitment/Domestic Partnership

  • Grief, Loss, Life Transitions, Divorce and Relationship Losses

  • Personal Leadership, Soul Searching, Spirituality, Mindfulness, Assertiveness

  • Adult ADD/ADHD and Neuro Atypical Spectrums

  • Chemical Dependency, Sex Addiction, Eating Disorders, Compulsions, and Co-Dependency

  • Sexuality, Gender Spectrum, Sex Positive, Alt., Poly Friendly




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