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My Background

I have been a Clinical Social Worker for over thirty years. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison with a Master of Science in Social Work in the Spring of 1986. My professional work includes working in various outpatient mental health clinics, Hospice Home Care, and Hospital based Social Services with particular emphasis on Cancer Care, Emergency Services, and critical circumstances on the Family Childbirth Center. I opened my private practice in the Fall of 2003.


I established my practice to provide sound therapy for those who are seeking to grow, heal, transition -- to learn new coping strategies and self care skills and to shift from established ways of coping that are no longer effective or helpful. To heal from past wounds and grief. To move forward in life in more stable and positive ways.


My work is very meaningful to me personally and professionally. Many lessons learned and wisdom acquired as I have counseled and supported people through very stressful and overwhelming life experiences. Too, I have acquired my own share of life experiences and resulting wisdom. Most profoundly was my three year struggle with my own infertility. My experience was one of balancing hope and despair, coping with cyclical grief and loss in the midst of maintaining hope and courage throughout.


I am compassionate, patient, and sincere in my work with my clients. I honor confidentiality and trust as paramount. I am nonjudgemental and appreciate working with those who live more alternative lifestyles, supporting you in your choices.


~Eileen Stein   


More About Me and My Practice Here: Therapicks/Eileen Stein

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